Wednesday, May 16, 2007

something u guys have been waiting for

So well after lazing aroudn like for 2 weeks or maybe 3.. i ended up uploading some of the pics from my trip to amsterdam. So this is the place where no law exist or what.. marijuana here & there.. psycho bikers who seem left their eyes back home.. n just have the anxiety of ramming every pedesterian on the road . n heck this is amsterdam who cares ...

for the gals ^^

so eventually everyone need to buy wooden shoes from amsterdam.. the only reason.. coz u just need to buy it.. no point taken.. n here is famous for it.. just that who's dumb enough to whre it.. unless u hate ur feet so much that u want blisters on it :[

every city in europe surely need a towncentre .. n i guess this is it.. it's just right infront of state monument.. ( look at the 2nd pic below.. taken at night from the ferris wheel...) where v howled like a sissy...

n then ur trip to amsterdam won't be complete without a visit to teh red light district... 50€ for a go anyone? come on.. dun tell me u all r just no play n no fun? amsterdam is kinda like a port.. n this area thrived due to the fact that sailors needed to get their hands on some gals when they landed .. like 1000 years ago.. so they make prostitution legal here

& lastly dun think taht amsterdam is a city without any cultur other than marijuana n sex.. they got lots of arts musuem here.. n this is just a view of it from the museumsquare.

so i will end my post with tulips.. omg .. dun ever tell ppl that u visited amsterdam without a go on the tulips.. it's a sin.. all this pics r taken from keukenhof.. which they said is the biggest garden in europe bla bla.. n it's only opened to public in spring.. which means by teh time i posted this up.. it wouöd have already closed its doors. .. well dun worry there will always be another year. ^^

hmm somehow i forgto to mention about the food .. it's weird.. we ate 2 meals of chinese food.. from hk... coz tehy said it's famous.. n i can't seemed to recall any unique food from amsterdam.. they got pancakes n so on.. which is of course damn common.. tehn schnitzel.. which u can get it here in germany..heineken... just simply no idea..

but one good stuff is they r biligual meaning they know almost all of teh freaking languages in the world.. an ah pek at the newspaper stand spoke malay with me.. n he's can be considered good at it.. they speaks german, french, spanish.. n even some 'ni hao' mandarin.. cliché... which hurt ur ears.. maybe teh german ought to learn to speak english from now on.. make my life easier ^^


At 1:35 AM, Blogger king ung said...

what the high that you can get up so high and take the night view of Dam square? from ferris wheel? ==?

and what is the ferris wheel? haha i never see it when i go to amsterdam.

At 1:43 PM, Blogger Angelus said...

ya from the ferris wheel.. or what u wanna say merry go round... it's a carnival or so.. maybe i was lucky n it was teher for the weekend ^^


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